A little about me

Hi I'm Lauren! With a story that began in dance,  a UX Designer and athlete capable of quick thinking, calm prioritization, and achievement under pressure.  Ballet training fostered a strong work ethic and attention to detail, which informs my design work on a regular basis. Today, I hold a BFA in Advertising & Digital Design at the Fashion Institute of Technology.

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Work Experience
General Assembly - UX Design Immersive
March - May 2021

Equinox - Product Design Intern
February - April 2020

MLBxFIT - Brand Experience Designer
September - March 2020

Mullenlowe Proferro - UX Design Intern
June - August 2020

Awards & Recognition

2020 One Club Young Ones - Bronze Pencil
2020 One Club Young Ones - Merit Award

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A little more

You may be asking yourself what I do in my free time.


Baking Cakes

Knitting Hats

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