The Talk

Everything you wish you knew about sex, but were never taught.


Young adults are not learning enough about sex to understand the importance of condoms. Sex education is not mandatory in 26 states, and the schools that do teach sex education are neglecting to talk about the LBGTQ community, Planned Parenthood, disabilities, etc.

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ROLE: Product Design
Research, Strategy, UX/UI

January- March 2019

TEAM: Marissa Mordini


Due to the lack of education, young adults take their questions to google. The problem with this, is that most of the websites are unreliable and have false information, and it’s hard to tell what’s true and what’s false. How can we provide the proper education to young adults?


In today’s ever-changing sexual landscape, people are feeling more pressured and anxious than ever before when it comes to sex. Durex is the liberator of good sex. They believe good sex is a human right.They’re on a mission to break the conventions.They’re providing the products to liberate everyone to have the sex they want on their own terms. And part of having good sex is having the right protection...


The Talk is an app that will contain everything you wish you knew about sex, but were never taught. The app would provide education for all genders, ages, and sexual orientations so that everyone is included. Young people will be able to get accurate Information on contraception, pregnancy, HIV/STDS, birth control, puberty, gender identity, sexuality, and Planned Parenthood. The education given through The Talk will give young adults the knowledge and confidence to buy and use condoms correctly. Now, thanks to The Talk you can ask Durex any question on sex and finally get an accurate answer.

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