Face Fear

Exploring the power of fear and inspiring the next generation of female explorers.


The North Face, the world’s leading exploration brand, specializing in apparel, footwear, equipment, and accessories. We were born to explore. Born on the toughest face. Born to climb Everest, K2, and ElCap.

Process Deck

ROLE: Art Direction
Print, Digital Design, Experiential

Cara Cannone, Anika Grube & Emily Galvelis



Create a concept that inspires the next generation of female explorers in the outdoors through powerful brand storytelling that supports their journey with exploration. ​​​​​​​


The power of fear can be enough to keep women from achieving their goals, but exploration has the power to change us and help us overcome it.


Face Fear is a campaign encouraging women to understand and face their fears.  We asked women to express their fears and used their words for print ads. Each ad highlights the empowering message hidden within their statements. ​​​​​​



The Face Fear website provides a safe space where people can anonymously submit their fears without judgment. The site will rework fears into affirmations that encourage positive self-talk.


The activation space is a place where people can enter a small room and say their fears out loud into a phone. Their words will appear on the outside walls of the installation and highlight the positive messages in what they said.

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