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To create an innovative digital product concept that will help make FIT a more inclusive community. FIT partnered with Adobe to create an experience using XD.

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ROLE: UX Designer
Design Research, Strategy, Concept Ideation, UX/UI, Prototyping  

February 14-19 2019, 7 Day Challenge

TEAM: Alin Intravisit


To create an innovative digital product concept that will help make FIT a more inclusive community. This challenge is a part of a FIT Diversity Council Grant Project, #IMPACT: Creativity for Civility, Diversity, and Inclusion.

1. Joining the different communities.
2. Educating the community on intercultural communication.
3. Collaboration between majors easily.
4. Discussing the hot topics in a no-judgment zone.


In this project, we began by asking FIT faculty, staff, and students from different backgrounds some initial key questions.


Do you consider FIT a diverse and inclusive school? Why?
How can FIT become a more inclusive community?
What platform do you interact with FIT the most?

Qualitative Research Outcome

By talking to the community, I got a firm understanding of the mindset of different groups (majors, clubs, offices, schools) and what matters the most to them. We wanted to make sure that we chose a platform that the FIT community can resonate with the most. Research shows that they check their emails the most whether it's FIT direct for faculty or the “This Week at FIT” newsletter.

Problem Statement: How can we bridge the gap between the different groups on the campus and merge the community in terms of majors, clubs, and offices?


Michael, 20
Occupation: Undergraduate Student
Michael is an AMC major at FIT and the president of SGA. He is from Austin, Texas and enjoys hanging out with his friends on campus as well as exploring the city. He is apart of the Black Student Union on campus and enjoys exploring new cuisines.


Joining the Communities

FIT connect is an application that would connect the FIT community across clubs, majors and offices. When first joining the app users would need to identify what bubbles they currently are in and what role they can play to merge FIT into one big circle. 

Events to Educate the Community

The event section presents the events in an easy-access calendar form. So Michael sees an event he’s interested in. He has the option to RSVP as an attendee or choose to collaborate which is an option for organization, club leaders or club advisor. This way he efficiently uses his limited club funds and gets exposure from people from other groups. This section also offers Michael the opportunity to join training events on campus.

Collaboration Between Majors

Connect section is essentially a cross-department, clubs, majors, and offices mentorship platform. It is a way to build a deeper from someone outside of your comfort circle. For example, if as a business student Michael wants to meet someone from the art side of FIT he can filter to be paired with an art major, or he wants to meet other active club members to talk about running a club in a new perspective he can filter through clubs. 

Discussing Topics

Discussion is a forum board on different hot topics such as Starbucks is too expensive or AI is taking over the world. It offers a safe space for FIT individuals to connect deeper than a surface level by discussing topics they are passionate about. So, on the weekends, Michael goes to the discussion and he sees a topic about how music is changing creativity. He joins the conversation by expressing his opinions and reading other people’s thoughts. 


FIT Connect allows the FIT community to still identify with their own comfort bubble, but also communicate, create and connect with fellow FIT individuals from all sorts of backgrounds. More importantly with many options on the app, FIT connect allows them to do so in their own way and in their own time.

INCLUSIVE: Digital Product Design Challenge is an interdisciplinary collaboration between FIT’s Creative Technology & Design (CT&D), Advertising & Digital Design (A&DD), Fashion Business Management (FBM), Advertising & Marketing Communications (AMC), and Adobe’s XD product team.

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