Re-imaging the way we interact with wayfinding in the New York Public Library.


The New York Public Library is the nation's largest public library system, bringing together an extraordinary richness of resources and opportunities available to all.

Process Deck

ROLE: Product Designer
User Research, Interaction, Visual Design, Prototyping

February 2019 to May 2019

TEAM: Cara Cannone & Anika Grube


The NYPL has an outdated navigation system and lacking online resources available to its users. When people visit the NYPL they usually only have paper maps to navigate through all the different floors and rooms.


1. On-site Way-finding 
Creating a system that helps its visitors navigate between the research and library areas within the NYPL.

2. Digital Resource
Creating an online presence that aids in finding resources for its users and suggesting other helpful information. 

3. Promoting a Historic Landmark
Creating a digital experience that does not take away from the NYPL's history and promotes the history of the building.


After conducting user interviews, and analyzing the location, I was able to categorize the insights into these 3 categories.  


Finding resources in the library was confusing. Visitors had issues concerning navigating through the building.

Digital Resource

There is also very little to no online presence. Finding information was very difficult even when asking the staff.

Historic Landmark

It seemed there was little to no identification of the multiple facilities they had and the maps were puzzling. 

Problem Statement: How do we enhance the experience of a historic library for tourists and new york residents to easily navigate the facility without disturbing the classic and admired essence?


Wayfinding Kiosk

The Interactive Way-finding Kiosk will allow visitors who are unfamiliar with where there destination is in a large building find their way fast and easy. With the kiosk users will be be able to search by rooms and services to find exactly what they are looking for or what the library has to offer.

1. Way-finding 
2. Voice Command 

The AR Tour will allow visitors to get a walkthrough tour straight from their phone. The microsite will be available through our kiosk. The kiosk will have a QR code to access the AR Microsite and offer a variety of tour options. It will also offer the option to show tours based on your current location or the floor you are on.

Voice Command allows you to talk to the kiosk and get an instant response. The voice feature will help users to gain easy access to anything they need super fast.

Research Kiosk

With the research kiosk you can access information on anything you ever needed. No need to search for an employee or second guess yourself, the research kiosk can aid in answering all those questions you have. You can also view events, search for materials, and even reserve books.

1. Way-finding 
2. Voice Command 

Explore your books right from the library.
By reserving your book they will be delivered to you in minutes and you don’t have to hover. We’ll let you know when to come and get your materials from our employees.

Companion App

The app acts as a companion to the research kiosk, letting you search, reserve, and stay in the know. When ordering/renting a book, you can now do it straight from your phone! The app will have your book sent to a preset location and allow you to designate your pickup date. Lastly, you can access your NYPL profile straight from your phone. This way you can check your rented book times, see the new releases available to you, and get recommendations based on previous orders.

1. Way-finding 
2. Voice Command 

Never second guess your pre order pick ups or your designated return time. The app will notify you for all of that and more!

You can now reserve your favorite books straight from your phone! With just a few taps and you can pick up your book in as soon as 24 hours. With the QR code checking your items in or out has never been so easy.

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