An app that will change the way you approach any recipe!


Bon Appetit wants to get people excited about cooking and make it more approachable and fit all lifestyles. SimpleChef is an app that will change the way you approach any recipe you find online and make you feel like a professional chef.

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ROLE: Product Design
Ideation, UX/UI Design, User Research

February - April 2020

Adobe XD, After Effects & Premiere Pro


People are intimidated by cooking. Instead of cooking, young consumers have come to rely on restaurants and takeout, rarely honing the skills they’d need to prepare their own food. To convince all aspiring chefs that cooking isn’t as hard as it seems, SimpleChef can walk you through any recipe you find online and make it easier!


College Students and Young Adults -

College students and young adults live fast paced lives. With classes, active social lives and new careers, there is little to no time to think about what to make for dinner, let alone learn how to cook. Cooking has become an “aspirational trend” for many young adults because they miss home cooked meals.

Not all young adults grow up learning how to cook and learn the basic terminology. They are always pulling recipes from online and searching for video tutorials.


My goal was to create a digital product that will give young adults an alternative to expensive "meal kits." I wanted to inspire people to learn how to cook and easily understand recipes they find online.

1. Make recipes more user friendly - Recipes online are always not easy to scroll through and show unnecessary information. The goal is to allow users to put in any article. It would be analyzed and only show the important information.

2. Define cooking terminology - In recipes there is always terminology we don't know. Like the difference between a chop and a mince. The goal is to allow users to click the words they don't know and provide information on what the term means. So you can move through the recipe seamlessly and do all the steps correctly!


- Building up an understanding of common cooking terms can transform you from home cook to a professional chef. But you don’t have to dedicate your life to the kitchen to be a great cook! What you really need is to understand what the terms in the recipe mean so you can confidently execute the steps.

- People always use Google when they don’t understand what to do at each step of a recipe. What exactly did a recipe mean by poach? What really was the difference between a mince and a chop? An ice bath…what?

WIREFRAMES - Initial Round

I started with rough sketches before designing the wireframes digitally to get a better sense of how I wanted the app to function.



Final Screens and Key Features

Discover popular recipes and view old recipes you loved.

Add items straight from the recipe to your shopping list.

Go through a recipe step by step and adding the measurements in each step.

Highlights all the terminology so you can learn how to cook as you go through the steps.


As someone who cooks all the time I learned a lot through my research and understanding why people find it difficult. When looking through recipes and cooking apps that exist it was interesting to see how recipes need a new user experience. Overall I learned a lot and had pleasure in discovering new things along the way.

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